Post Concussion Syndrome: A Day in the Life


Every day of my life is scheduled around post concussion syndrome.

Sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it?

Everyday? Really?


🧠 Don’t schedule anything between 2&4, that’s when I mentally crash.

🧠Do I have evening plans? I’ll have to allow extra time for rest and/or a nap.

🧠Don’t make big plans two days in a row. I’ll overdo it and spend the next three days recovering.

🧠Will I have to be in the car over an hour? I should bring a sleep mask and headphones.

🧠”I’m best in the morning. Can we schedule something before noon?”

🧠When my family looks at me and says, “your eyes are starting to get glassy, we need to find a place to rest”.

 🧠"Wait! Where are we going? Let me make sure I have my ear plugs."

I guess it’s not really all that different from managing the limited amount of time we all have. We only get a certain number of hours in a day and allocate in advance how to spend them. 

The main challenge I have is the wildcard factor. I may have a solid 6 “good” hours, or a may crash and burn after 4. I also don’t know how long it will take me to complete a specific task. Something that once ran like clockwork is kind of a crap-shoot now.

I just keep my list going and am really excited when I accomplish anything! I have no choice but to remain positive, optimistic, and confident that I'll fully heal. 

I don't believe I'll be back to my old self once I'm healed. I'm going to be, and already am, a better version of my old self. 

Sending love and gratitude!

-Amy & Glady