Meet the Team

How We Got Here

"Most people are afraid of suffering. But suffering is a kind of mud to help the lotus flower of happiness grow. There can be no lutus flower without the mud." -Thich Nahat Hanh

Amy's suffering came in the form of a life-altering auto accident in 2017. Limited in her abilities to communicate or participate in life, her significant other suggested she start painting again- something she hadn't made the time to do in years. Once she started to paint,her creative energy reignited! After successfully working demanding, high stress jobs in the corporate world for years she suddenly felt more like herself than she had in a very long time.

Amy leaned on the creative, right side, of the brain to get through a physically and emotionally painful time to allow the analytical, left brain, to cure. That process has been, and will continue to be, the transformation through which she was able to create the Left Brain Curative


Amy: Owner, Artist, Designer


I have a BFA in Design and have exhibited and sold paintings throughout the US as well as internationally. I've had a lucrative career as an award winning sales professional and I've also had a life-altering brain injury as a result of an auto accident. Plagued with vertigo, nausea, headaches, light sensitivity, no short term memory and a irritable personality, painting and creating became my space where I felt no pain and could be alone in the absence of thoughts- something that helped me through my healing process of my initial concussion and now, post concussion syndrome.  


Gladys AKA 'Glady': Team Morale

This lady excels at her job! Glady is a 5lb poodle who is terrible at contributing towards productivity but the cuteness factor and happiness she brings is immeasurable. She became a part of my family only a month before my accident, so we've been through a lot together and are rarely separated. Anytime I use the term "we", I'm referring to Glady and myself. Obnoxious right? I don't carry her around in a handbag or push her in a stroller so until that happens no intervention is necessary.


Team Support:

The remainder of the Left Brain Curative team is my support system! My significant other, Dan, who forgave me for totaling his beloved truck and has continued to put up with me throughout this recovery (trust me- I haven't been very easy to get along with). It also includes ALL of my family members who have been steadfast cheerleaders as well as my friends who've acknowledged and adapted to my current limitations that change daily and continuously improve. 

This website has become my new space and creative outlet. I share pieces of my concussion recovery as well as struggles with mental illness prior to the accident. My goal is to create awareness associated with traumatic brain injuries and post concussion syndrome and be a drop in the bucket to end stigma surrounding mental illness. 

I think I'm funnier than I actually am. I'm not a mom. I'm not a millennial (or maybe I am....jury is still out on that one). I'm not married. I'm not phased but the injury I've incurred today. Tomorrow may be different but today is a good day.

I feel more blessed by the day. I wake up with a tremendous sense of gratitude. I'm working on my recovery every single day and busting my ass at it. I'm creating a work environment that supports what I am capable of today and adapting to my current limitations.

I'm a person who loves crystals, essential oils, meditation, feeling energy out, and when I'm having an off day I look at the phase of the moon. I believe in asking the universe for what we need and that we receive the lessons we're given for a reason.

I'm also a really good listener and don't pass judgement.
EDIT: ...unless you like black licorish. That's gross and I don't support it, but we can still be friends.


Sending love, positive energy and tremendous gratitude

-Amy and Glady